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21 Dec 2018 07:54

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This kind of code wrangling doesn't always pay off. Sometimes my searches come up empty, or the codes I find don't work. Likewise, an automated tool like Honey doesn't always score. On the flip-side, if it finds a lot of codes for any given store, your checkout might be delayed while it tries them all.

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But you know the old saw: nothing ventured, nothing discounted. It never hurts to try. A few extra minutes might just save you a few bucks — and maybe even more than a few. Give it a whirl the next time you buy.

And if you've scored a particularly awesome code, hit the comments and tell me how much you saved!
When an Amazon Echo Dot ($30 at Amazon) feels like not enough, but a new Apple MacBook ($1,549 at Amazon) feels like too much, you need a gift that's right up the middle. Extravagant, but not too extravagant. When shopping from around $250 to $500, you get to play in some really fun areas, like game consoles, robots and even 3D printers.

These highlights will get you started, but we have a whole under-$500 section waiting for you right here.

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