Fortnite Dance Floor Locations-Fortnite Dance Floor Reward

30 Oct 2018 04:27

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the Fortnite dance floor locations challenges only results in a reward of five Battle Stars. Considering you have to traverse the entire map to get to each of the disco rooms, you’d have thought a bigger reward would be in order. But no, it’s just those five Battle Stars, as well as that additional 4,000XP once all Week 8 challenges have been completed.

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The Fortnite dance floor locations challenge doesn’t need to be completed this week. Players have until the end of Season 3 to find each dance floor and perform an emote on it.
For those of you who are struggling to find all three Fortnite dance floor locations, don’t worry, for we’re here to offer a helping hand in the form of a map. See below for each of the three Fortnite disco room locations. (The center of each circle is exactly where you’ll find the dance rooms!)

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