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27 Oct 2018 12:43

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It’s not the flashiest of the bunch, but if you want top-notch Android and Google integration, and an assurance of privacy, you can’t go wrong with Google’s own lightweight keyboard. Depending on your device, this may be the stock keyboard already. The keyboard offers tons of language support, and if you’re running Android 4.4 or later, you also get built-in emoji support for hundreds of useful symbols and emoticons.
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You can swipe around the keyboard to type, but the main draw is the ability to ask Google anything without having to leave a conversation — just tap the Google icon to search the web. There are plenty of customization options, such as adding a number row, and other extra features like a one-handed mode and voice input. Since it is developed by Google, you know there is no need to worry about malware, adware, or any nasty stuff on this app. Your personal dictionary is tied to your Google account, so you can have it ready for whatever device you install Gboard.

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